Writing & Virtual Assistant Service

Writing & Virtual Assistant Service


We're a writing and virtual assistant service that can help you spread your wings to new heights!

Let us help you!

Jessica Dumas and her team offer low-cost writing and virtual assistant service for projects such as:

  • Writing books including children's books and poetry (click here to see Jessica's books on Amazon)
  • Writing articles, blogs, content, product reviews and guides 
  • Formatting self-published books for Amazon Kindle or other publishers
  • Document design using Word (formatting styles, creating templates, automatic table of contents, indexes, etc.

  • PowerPoint presentations - standard or complex such as template creations, with animation, narrated, with music, converted to video  
  • Database development/design using Excel  
  • Data entry that is done fast and accurately
  • Creating newsletters, greeting cards, banners, and more using Publisher 
  • Designing flyers and brochures in PowerPoint   
  • Website design using a website builder like the one used for this site called Simple-Different.com
  • Direct mail or email campaigns using Word mail merges  
  • Customer service, internet research, and data stripping

Read all about us on the About Us page. See our rates on the Rates page. If you'd like to read some testimonies from clients, go to the Testimonies page. To see samples of work done, go to the Samples of Work page. Several books and poems have been published by Jessica and you can see some of them on the Books & Poems page. If you wish to contact us, go to the Contact Us page to send an email.

Here's the team: Jessica, Walt, and Lorissa


Just as the butterfly goes through stages to succeed in life,

we are also meant to go through many stages, even strife.

Struggling through each change allows us to emerge wiser,

so we can spread our wings and seek ways to help another

who is searching for knowledge and truth, praying for many a need.

Only when we pollinate others with our knowledge, do we truly succeed.

God gave the caterpillar instinct to allow it to change and take to the sky.

Let God give you the wisdom & courage to make changes like the butterfly.


By Jessica Dumas