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About the Butterfly Connection

The Butterfly Connection Team

Jessica Dumas, Owner

The Butterfly Connection is owned by Jessica Dumas, who has been in business since 2007. Before opening her business, she worked for various firms as a document specialist and/or administrative assistant for over 25 years. Even though she could retire now, she has chosen not to because she enjoys working and wishes to continue contributing her expertise to help others. Because of her love for butterflies and how they inspire her to write poetry, her friends call her the "Butterfly Poet."

Jessica has been certified by Microsoft as an expert in Word and has over 25 years of experience with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. In the last few years, she has also become a professional writer working for different clients and online freelance services. You can see samples of Jessica's work by going to Books, Poems, and Other Works and More Samples. See more about her and her team along with their other websites below.

Others on Team

Walt Dumas is Jessica's son and has a background in tech customer services. He is musically inclined and loves to create tunes. He can develop personal tunes to be added to PowerPoint presentations or other programs as well as commercials or films. He is also talented and experienced at creating and editing video. He has worked for the Butterfly Connection for over five years. See more about his music below.

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Have a Blessed Day,

Jessica Dumas

The Team's Other Websites

Jessica's Websites

On Jessica's Portfolio you can read her poetry about life, love, nature, and butterflies, as well as positive affirmations and spiritual poetry. Also included are various articles, slideshows, presentations, and links to her books on Amazon or

The logo is a butterfly made of different colors of hearts like the different colors of people.
The logo is a butterfly made of different colors of hearts like the different colors of people.

Butterfly Poet

Jessica's love for butterflies is apparent by the name of this website and the name of her business. She loves to write poems and stories that are butterfly related. That's why she is called the "Butterfly Poet!"

Go to Jessica's Facebook page called "Butterfly Poetfor some positive affirmations that are beautifully displayed on photos of butterflies and some of her poetry where you are encouraged to share your poetry or comments

Walt's Music Website

Walt is musically inclined and loves to create tunes. He goes by the name of SwoopSolo in the music industry. You can listen to sample tunes that are smooth hiphop or easy listening instrumentals. They make great background music for slideshows, commercials, or films. You can listen to them on his SwoopSolo site on and if you would like to purchase one, leave a comment on how to get in touch with you.